About me


Your Storyteller

Welcome to my first ever blog – something which has been on my wish-list for long …long enough! This is my own little corner in the internet, more like the diary where I can scribble all my thoughts.

I work in IT as a “program manager” and a big part of my job involves telling and selling stories, so I thought why don’t I tell some real stories now? I’m more of a creative strategist, adventurer, thrill seeker, humanitarian, environmentalist and storyteller.

I was born in Kolkata in India and you will find repeated mention of this place in my writings – because the blood in me is from Kolkata. If not Kolkata, you will find a lot of mention about London – because that is where I am now for a longtime, so any other element that majorly constitutes my body probably has London in it . It’s hard to differentiate the emotions I share with these two place – I will tell you all about that!

I won’t write about food or travel or gadgets or politics – but would be a little of everything that occupies space in my life. Remember the famous line : “We are all stories in the end”?