An Idle Mind is not always a Devil’s Workshop I’m, taking my first baby steps at writing my own blog. This has been my on my wish-list for quite a long time but has always been pushed to the end of the list for ‘not-so-good’ reasons. Well, we all have those excuses for not doing things which we all love – sometimes it’s the career or family or social life! My love has been telling stories.. every thing that I see through my eyes are nothing but stories. Remember, we all would leave this world someday but leave behind our “stories”.

Year 2020 when the whole world got locked indoors ,I ran out of ideas on my to-do. Like most, my routine was confined to a disturbed sleeping pattern (thanks to work from home), office works, Zoom calls with friends, take a social media tour of Watsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – get worried at those scary numbers of Corona affected population, scroll through those hidden talent posts on Facebook – which were discovered during Quarantine days, read the various tweets on how the Government has not been capable in combating Corona Virus on time, spend hours looking into the ‘not-so-posh’ living rooms and kitchens of celebrities on Instagram and how they wash their dishes or broom the floor and when all tricks fail laugh at those nonsensical forwards on Watsapp.

Evenings were mainly being a couch-potato and binge watch episodes after episodes on Netflix . During these stretches, I always told myself that I should be more productive , who knows may be I could also discover a hidden talent in me! But Netflix, Prime was there to spoil my plans.

That is mainly how my days of ‘Quarantine 2020’ were passing and I kept on thinking how to be productive while scrolling through my social feeds and lounging lazily in my pajamas. That’s when I thought – let me start the blog, which I have been delaying for long. My own space of “Time Traveler’s Tales” – if you are from my generation, you might find it easy to relate to what I will post. If you crossed past my age, you will too. If you are far-off from my age, good luck – you don’t know what’s waiting .

So, you see – An Idle Mind is not always a Devil’s workshop .

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